Approved ECE certification with 20W low power consumption !!
Realized the same brightness as headlight and visibility !!

Usually high optimization for fog lamp is to replace the new bulb or change to HID light but the halogen bulb is not so brighter even high power consumption. If you put HID light to halogen light, a driver of oncoming cars feels dazzling due to generate a glare light and not practical in moral of drivers.
Sometimes the body of HID light may be melted so this method is not a good solution. Also recently a replacement LED bulb is on the market but, a luminous point is different comparing a halogen bulb and also darker and not practical for use.

RRP LED Fog Lamp Kit using a projector fog lamp system is the latest high performance LED projector unit adopted with hybrid vehicles and EV vehicles.

(1)Bolt-on fitting just exchange the stock fog lamp
(2)Enable to adjust the optical axis
(3)Large triad LED light
(4)Approved by ECE certification

1)Latest unit as same brightness as headlight concentrating Japanese technology.
Using Japanese manufacture lens unit adopted Mitsubishi Motor i-MiEV headlight and only 20W low power consumption against 55W halogen bulb with a cut line for projector lens without any diffused reflection. It irradiates a clean light to road and road shoulder.

2)Low power consumption with the latest optics technology and functional beauty of modeling
The character of this item is a long life better than halogen light and HID light suitable for a driving your car. The visibility is also good with 6000K of color temperature having the surface of lens like an eyeball peculiar to the projector lens. With the additional designed with a chrome ring around the lens unit, the other drivers will find it looks different with the latest new design unit.

3)Fitting with bolt-on and adjustable axis of lens
Because of high quality product approved with ECE certification in Europe, the inspections will be passed easily. Also designed with easy bolt-on fitting without any wiring including light stay and fixing stay for repressure unit.


EP32-102 RRP LED Fog Lamp Kit for ZC32S

Consumption power : 20W
Color temperature : 6000K

Fit : ZC32S

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