We have designed and developed the exhaust manifold with catalysis for ZC32S M16 engine. We focused the low rpm torque (2000 to 3000rpm) but improve the best exhaust efficient in high rev. You can enjoy the driving with comfortable exhaust sound with a stainless made exhaust manifold.

The exhaust layout was adopted 4-2-1 type which we had tested completely and decided.
The material of pipe and flange are used SUS304 for high durability. A genuine craftsman produces our manifold by hand-made each by each so the finish is so nice and beautiful.


  • torque up in low rev and good pick-up response in high rev without any stress
  • comfortable racing sound
  • pipe diameter is 42mm - 45mm – 54mm
  • SUS304 material for head flange and pipe
  • Already measured for prevent from an engine check light alert
  • Matching for Japanese inspection test with examination report
  • Enable to fit the exhaust cover in option

If you are considering to purchase RRP Super Front Pipe Kit together with this RRP High Performance Catalytic 4-2-1 Manifold for ZC32S, you don?t need the first part of RRP Super Front Pipe Kit.

[Option] RRP Stainless Manifold Cover


E32-205 RRP High Performance Catalytic 4-2-1 Manifold for ZC32S
Fit : ZC32S Manual transmission,CVT

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E32-205A RRP Stainless Manifold Cover Set for E32-205
This product is the option item for E32-205 (stainless cover and fitting stay)

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E32-205B RRP Manifold Cover Stay Set
This product is the option item for E32-205 (fitting stay only)

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