More than 1 year we spent for development period, we finally release the power cleaner for ZC32S Swift Sport. This power cleaner pulls M16 engine performance especially focused low and mid speed torque. Shape of suction pipe, diameter of pipes and funnel shape were feedback to the product with so many testing results.

On the street, the throttle won?t be full opened. We focus this and aiming the torque up in middle range with half throttle condition so you can feel the differences of drive feeling on the street.

The length of piping seems too long in usual and someone might think the performance will be down in high rev but we deeply considered the power and torque in high rev and adjusted the length of pipes with using air-inertia pushing the air.

The carbon chamber box has a pod type air cleaner inside having cleaning and chamber effects together.

The aluminum pipes were used to reduce the resistance of air and combined 60mm and 70mm diameter pipes which will pull the engine power. The aluminum elbow (bend 90 degrees) is also designed and manufactured in special method compatible both looks and performance.

Please try our RRP Power Air Cleaner to your car !!


E32-222 RRP Power Cleaner Kit for ZC32S
Fit : ZC32S

66,000 JPYpurchase

E32-222A RRP Replacement Air Cleaner
Fit : only for RRP Power Cleaner Kit for ZC32S



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