We have designed and developed the center pipe for racing usage which effects for specially engine power character. Considering the efficiency of exhaust in low and mid range speed, we aimed the best balance with engine power and torque to pull the best performance of M16 engine with main 54mm diameter pipe. Also we designed and concerned for the comfortable sound and volume you can enjoy with our RRP Racing Center Pipe.

If you are planning to drive in circuit course, you can increase the fun to drive with this item.

1.All stainless made 54mm diameter (stock 48mm)
2.Track use only
3.You can fit this item with other manufacture's rear piece and stock Swift rear piece muffler.

The center pipe of our product of E32-200 RRP High Performance Muffler II kit is different spec of silencer. Comparing with stock center pipe, the noise of this center pipe will be louder due to race use.


E32-202 RRP Racing Center Pipe for ZC32S
Fit : ZC32S Swift Sport MT CVT only

44,000 JPYpurchase


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