We have renewed our previous racing quick shift with a shorter shift!

In order to minimize the shift’s weight, gear rumbling and the burden on the mission due to the shorter shift stroke, we calculated the limit value and shortened the shift stroke by about 25% compared to the stock shift.

In addition, we are also concerned with the shift position, and by raising the position of the shift knob about 10 mm above the original position, the time required to move from the steering wheel to the shift knob is shortened, enabling quick shift work.

  • Approximately 25% short stroke compared to normal
  • A shift feeling that is suitable for sports driving
  • 10mm upshift position to improve shift work
  • Special aluminum shift mount collar included
  • Made of chromoly material to ensure the strength of the shift lever.
Product image Installation image

D32-118 Racing Quick Shift II for ZC32S
Fit : ZC32S 6 speed Manual transmission

22,000 JPYpurchase

* When installing this product, the shift lever base must be cut and machined.
Please work safely with the appropriate tools such as the belt sander.

* Be sure to use the attached dedicated shift mount collar when installing.
The shape is different from Shift Mount Bush II (D32-115A).

Enjoy the run of Swift Sports! Newly developed Racing Quick Shift!

It's recommended to those who feel the shift lever of normal type is too long or those who do time attacks on circuit. By shortening the shift lever, you can short the time of shifting during on circuit and also make shift work precise and reduce a miss shift. Shift stroke is 15% shorter compared to the normal type. We have tested various lengths settings and found the optimal length, which could reduce the burden to the mission, too. When the stroke is too short, you may have the gear noise problem while shifting. This is the optimal setting for users to enjoy.
More items to enjoy driving Swift Sports!


The diameter of the spherical part is approximately 30 mm.
Please confirm the size of your shift in advance and order.


D32-114 RRP Racing Quick Shift
Fit : ZC32S 6 speed Manual transmission only

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RRP Shift Mount Bush and Mission Shift Mount Bush

This product is a reinforced bush to improve shift feeling. Normal bush uses soft rubber so it is difficult to find the exact matching. But by changing it to this RRP reinforced bush, you can have more certain feeling on the shift for more precise shifting. The material is urethane rubber. Please enjoy the shift changing.

Shift Mount Bush II for ZC33S

Shift Mount Bush II

Shift Mount Bush

Shift Mount Bush Installation image

Shift Mount Bush II for ZC33S

Misshon Shift Mount Bush II

Misshon Shift Mount Bush(Uretangomu)

Misshon Shift Mount Bush Installation image


D32-115A RRP Shift Mount Bush II
Fit : ZC32S 6 speed Manual transmission only

3,850 JPYpurchase

D32-116A RRP Mission Shift Mount Bush II
Fit: ZC32S 6 speed Manual transmission only

2,750 JPYpurchase

D32-115 RRP Shift Mount Bush
Fit : ZC32S 6 speed Manual transmission only

End of SALE

D32-116 RRP Mission Shift Mount Bush
Fit: ZC32S 6 speed Manual transmission only

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