Body parts

RRP High performance aero system for ZC33S

Fight against invisible air! The best aero system combining functionality and curvaceous beauty

The RRP High performance aero system pursues a shape that balances the reduction in air resistance and downforce at a high level.

By expanding the bumper opening, it improves the cooling performance of the intercooler and the radiator, and it also corresponds to the cooling which becomes a problem of the turbo engine. Based on the latest aerodynamics, the flow of air was calculated, and by a curved line which was made to stand out and made, it was made into a form which fused the functionality and curvaceous beauty without destroying the body line of ZC33S.


ZC 33S We adopted the aerodynamic design which took over the Earls form at ZC 32 S without destroying the body line of the goodness of Swift Sports. We also consider front bumper, rear bumper, rear wing matching with vehicle performance of ZC33S Swift Sports.


Aiming for great downforce, 3D design design! While positively grasping the flow of air, we installed side fins and ducts to achieve both downforce and reduction of air resistance. The rear side also installs a large diffuser to pull out the air under the vehicle and draw out the feeling of suction with the road surface even at cornering. The rear wing was upsized according to the engine power.

Cooling effect

We actively incorporated air into the intercooler and the radiator, aiming at the maximum of the engine cooling effect.

Conformity to safety standards

Exterior security standard conformity! We are handmade one by one with the highest quality in precision mold.


B33-100 : High Performance Aero Bumper Front

121,000 JPY


B33-101 : Highperformance swear bumper Rear

121,000 JPY


B33-102C : High Performance Aero Rear wing
Wing body Full carbon

110,000 JPY


B33-102F :High Performance Aero Rear wing

77,000 JPY


fit ZC33S SwiftSports

Can not install vehicle with camera package for omnidirectional monitoring.

Please contact us regarding installation to safety packaged car.

Specification change is in a part of the rear bumper, there are parts which are slightly different from the image.

For handmade production, there is a thing to get the delivery date. Please approve in advance about 3 weeks ~ 4 weeks.

This product is manufactured by FRP integral molding. All are unpainted and black gel finish has become.

For shipping costs, please contact us. Delivery to private homes can not be made from the circumstances of the current transport company. It becomes a place that you can receive in the daytime such as shops and companies. Please note.

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