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RRP High Performance Catalyzer for ZC33S

Catalyzer with turbine outlet developed for ultimate exhaust efficiency!

A catalyzer with a turbine outlet, developed by Earl's who studied ZC33S Swift Sport, for ultimate exhaust efficiency!
Boost boost and accelerator response are improved! Aimed at increasing power at higher rotations.

Turbine outlet shape, exquisite pipe diameter and bending are tested for a well-balanced layout. The catalyzer is made in Japan, and exhaust gas purification is outstanding while greatly improving exhaust efficiency even in large cells.

  • Catalyzer with turbine outlet for ultimate exhaust efficiency
  • Boost boost has been improved with a thoroughly researched exhaust layout!
  • Increased power and purification performance through the use of a large sports catalyzer made in Japan!
  • The dyno test was repeated to improve performance.
  • If you can apply for an exhaust gas inspection certificate after purchasing a car inspection product, it will be distributed.
  • Installation can be done with bolt-on replacement or normal exhaust system.

Dyno test

Our company and dyno test have confirmed a significant power improvement!
The result of improving exhaust efficiency greatly contributed to the K14C downsizing turbo car.

Although other companies have not announced power ups, Earl's will be released!

In our dyno test,
Normal (muffler + air cleaner replacement specification) red line
RRP high performance catalyzer replacement is blue line
After replacement, we confirmed that the horsepower was 5.5PS and the torque was 1.4Kg / m up!

  • Stainless steel main 60Φ
  • ALL Made in Japan sports catalyzer core
  • Cell 200 cpsi
  • Dedicated turbine flange

* Closer exhaust noise increases by 3 to 4 dB by installing a catalyzer.

* The power display on the DYNOPACK is a reference value measured by our company.

* Reissuance of the exhaust gas inspection certificate will be charged.
The price is 12,000 yen + tax + shipping.

* The gasket is not included in the kit.
Please replace it when necessary.

  Reference material Suzuki part number as of July 09, 2019
14182-86P00 gasket 1 sheet
14183-71L00 Spherical gasket 1 pic
RRP High Performance Catalyzer for ZC33S
ZC33S Swift Sports MT only
Type 1 CBA-ZC33S 2017.09~2020.04 ZC33S-100001~
Type 2 4BA-ZC33S 2020.05~2022.08 ZC33S-400001~
Type 3 4BA-ZC33S 2022.09~2023.09 ZC33S-500001~
Type 4 4BA-ZC33S 2023.11~ or later ZC33S-600001~

176,000 JPY


* It was found that some vehicles after 2019/3 have different mounting stays.

2017/8~2019/5 Installation OK (Please note that there may be duplicate production from March to May)
2019/3~ There are different mounting stays after 201903.
This applies to vehicles with one stay on the front pipe front flange.
The following genuine parts are required. Please prepare for purchase if necessary.
Remove the two unnecessary stays.

Suzuki genuine part number and price required for installation (for reference)

14271-86P00 Stay 1pic 640 JPY
01550-1020A bolt 2pic About 60 JPY
09159-08130 nut 1pic About 120 JPY
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