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RRP High Performance Damper for ZC33S

Combining the basic performance inherited from the era of ZC31S, RRP High Performance Damper for ZC33S is released!

RRP High Performance Damper It faithfully follows supple movement like sucking on the traditional road surface, control performance corresponding to change of road surface, ride comfort which can not be thought of as high rate spring.

We repeated a number of tests from the street to the circuit, and we set the setting exclusively for ZC33S.

In the street it is moist and sticky feeling of security and a sense of security that the tires firmly capture the road surface.
In addition to outstanding controllability and traction performance that bring out tire performance at the circuit, please feel the cornering that has a chance to trace the target line according to the steering!

Product content

  • ・Two front dampers (8 kg spring, ASSY with spring seat)
  • ・Two rear dampers (ASSY)
  • ・Two camber bolts
  • ・Rear height adjustment adjuster 2 pieces (with spring seat)
  • ・Rear 6 kg spring 2 pcs
  • ・Two stabilizer rods
  • ・L type hex key for damping adjustment
  • ・Car hight wrench


Front spec

  • Full length adjustable inverted type damper
  • Damping force 20 steps adjustment (damper lower side adjuster)
  • Dedicated stabilizer link rod
  • One touch camber bolt
  • Spring rate 8 kg


Rear spec

  • Total length adjustable upright dampers
  • Damping force 20 steps adjustment (damper upper side adjuster)
  • Aluminum scraping rear rear height adjustment adjuster
  • Spring rate 6 kg

As prototype springs are installed, colors and shapes are different from products.

RRP High Performance Damper for ZC33S Full set

242,000 JPY

 Out of stock. The next delivery date has not been determined.

RRP High Performance Damper for ZC33S

198,000 JPY

End of Sale

*Overhaul Damper fee 33,000JPY~
*Damper Spec change fee 38,500JPY~

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RRP Racing Rear Spring for ZC33S

ZC33S Production of direct wound spring for rear rearrangement with special design.

The rear suspension of the ZC33S has a very small space due to the structure, and in the case of a direct-wound spring which is generally sold, the free length is too long to be mounted, and in many cases it is impossible to select an optimum spring rate.

Therefore, at RRP, we asked Japanese spring makers with high precision and strict quality control to dedicate springs that are supple and flexible with a 4-inch free length.

Spring rate is set to 4 kinds of 2 kilograms from 6 kilometers up to 12 kilometers.
With this, options will be expanded to the rear setting of ZC33S, so it is an indispensable item for the setting and the front and rear balance to fit the course!

  • 4 inch ID 65
  • Earls Red color & R's Racing Service logo included
  • Insistence made in Japan
  • Secure ride comfort by special manufacturing method

RRP Racing Rear Spring ID65 4 inch (2 set)



SP100-06K:  6Kg

18,700  JPY

SP100-08K:  8Kg

18,700  JPY

SP100-10K:  10Kg

20,900 JPY

SP100-12K:  12Kg

20,900 JPY

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RRP Rear spring adjuster

An attachment that attaches a series-wound spring to the rear of Swift Sports.

Since it corresponds to a 65mm inner diameter direct-winding spring, it can be used not only for RRP racing rear springs but also for external springs.

In addition, since it is a screw type adjuster, setting according to the spring free length and spring rate is possible.

Since springs are not included, please prepare them separately according to the intended use, settings, and damper adjustment range.

RRP Rear adjuster kit
Swift Sport Rear For one car

29,700 JPY


RRP Racing Pillow Upper II for ZC33S

Renewal by changing the fixing method and structure to the vehicle!

Adopting a machined aluminum body and a high-precision pillow ball, it achieves a direct and sharp steering feel.
Eliminates the cornering that occurs with genuine rubber bush upper mounts, and direct movement to the suspension draws out damper performance.

Compared to the previous type, the dimensions of each part have been revised, and the fixing method has been changed to pinching the body to reduce the total weight.
In addition, the load capacity has been increased by increasing the size of the pillow ball.

The camber adjustment function allows you to adjust the camber from 0 degrees to about -2 degrees, so fine alignment adjustment is possible and the range of settings according to the vehicle and circuit is expanded.

* About mounting to other than RRP car harmonics
By installing Racing Pillow Upper II, the vehicle height increases by 20mm to 30mm. Be sure to check that the current vehicle height can be lowered by 20mm to 30mm.
A full-length adjustable inverted type harmonic drive is recommended. The center pillow nut is M12-P1.25 specification.

  • Aluminum machined body
  • R's red anodized
  • High precision large pillow ball
  • Camber angle adjustment 0 degree--2 degree
  • 1 set of 2 left and right
Racing Pillow Upper II for ZC33S

36,300 JPY


RRP Racing Pillow Upper for ZC33S

Adopted aluminum scraping body and high precision pillow ball realize direct and sharp steering feel.By eliminating the grip of the genuine rubber bush upper mount, the direct movement to the suspension draws out the damper performance.

For fixing to the vehicle, it adopts secure screw type fixing and adjustment of the camber angle is also possible.

Since the camber can be adjusted from 0 degrees to -2 degrees, fine adjustment of alignment is possible, and the range of setting widens according to the vehicle and the circuit.

  • Aluminum total cutting out body + red alumite treatment
  • Adopted high-precision pillow ball made in Japan
  • As screw type fixing, changing caster angles is also possible when changing fixed angle.
  • Camber angle adjustment 0 degree - -2 degrees

About fitting to other than RRP made car harmonic
By mounting the racing pillow upper, the car height will increase by about 20mm - 30mm, so please be sure to confirm that it can be lowered by 20mm ~ 30mm from the current car height.
Higher height adjustment of the full length adjustable inverted type is recommended.
Center pillow nut is M12 - P1.25 specification.


Racing pillow upper wrench


Racing Pillow Upper for ZC33S

27,500 JPY

Racing pillow upper wrench
RRP S33-102 Racing Pillow Upper for fixing

3,300 JPY

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