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RRP Brake cooling duct for ZC33S

Developed a brake cooling duct that reduces the burden of heat dripping on the brakes!

Air flow

With ZC33S Swift Sport, the brake temperature rises during circuit driving and sports driving, the rotor and caliper heat up, and the braking effect becomes weaker.

Therefore, we have developed a cooling duct that prevents brake heat by turning a lot of air into the brake rotor and caliper!

It is now possible to cool the brakes with air while driving.

Easy to install!

Brake You can easily install his cooling duct.

  • Reduces the brake heat phenomenon, which is the weak point of ZC33S!
  • Takes in a lot of air to prevent brake heat
  • Easy to install
  • The duct body is made of lightweight FRP
  • Brake cooling duct that can be easily installed!
RRP Brake cooling duct For ZC33S
ZC33S Swift Sports

19,800 JPY

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