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RRP Super Cooling 3D Slit Rotor

ZC33S puts a heavy burden on the front brake, and excessive temperature causes carbonization of the brake pads and damage to the caliper seal.

The RRP Super Cooling 3D Slit Rotor (Front) actively suppresses the rise in rotor temperature by changing the quantity and spacing of ventilated fins and increasing the amount of air passing through the rotor body.

In addition, by stabilizing the metal component by processing with special heat treatment, it is effective in improving crack resistance and suppressing distortion due to sudden temperature changes at the initial stage of mounting.

By suppressing the rotor temperature, damage to the brakes can be reduced, so it is also effective for driving on circuits where braking is severe and for continuous laps.

* The cooling effect is further improved by using it together with the RRP brake cooling duct (S33-206) to the front!

  • Material: FC cast iron
  • Structure: 1 piece
  • Processing: Special heat treatment processed
  • By increasing the number of ventilated fins and changing the internal structure of the front rotor, the rotor temperature can be effectively suppressed.
  • Special heat treatment prevents distortion and improves the wear resistance and heat resistance of the rotor!
  • Adopts 6 new shaped 3D slits to achieve both stable braking force and cleaning performance.
  • The bell hat is painted in Earl's Red to prevent rust and dress up!
RRP Super Cooling 3D Slit Rotor Front (Left and Right Set)
All year ZC33S

57,200 JPY

RRP Super Cooling 3D Slit Rotor Rear (Left and Right Set)
All year ZC33S

* Ventilated structure equivalent to genuine.

46,200 JPY

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