RRP Racing Wheel Nut

RRP License Number Plate Mask RRP License Number Plate Mask

Wheel nuts with Rís Attention to Detai

Made of Chromoly Black Paint

Made of chromoly, a stable material Appropriate material for wheel bolt torque management Strong against tensile torque Electro-deposition black paint resistant to rust

Pouch Type Racing Wheel Nut

The screw part is considered to be protected from internal rust and foreign substances such as gravel. This specification makes it difficult for rust to form inside the screw due to moisture, etc.

Suitable length for handling 37 MM

The length is easy to install when replacing an external wheel. The key point is that it is neither too long nor too short.

Light weight type

Lightweight with attention to length, socket sizing, etc.

Mounting socket size 17

Size 17 to prevent sockets, etc. from hitting the wheel when installed.

With Rís Logo

2 side locations

RRP container RRP container

AP-300 : RRP Racing Wheel Nut 20pcs Set

8,800 JPY purchase

Fit : ZC33S, ZC32S, ZC31S, etc.


AP-302 : RRP Racing Wheel Nut for repair 4pcs Set

1,760 JPY purchase


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