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All products are made in Japan!

R's Inc recommends our products with step by step tuning method from Step 1 to Step 4 to World Swift users.

If you are not sure or wondering which parts are suitable for your Swift car, please refer the following steps tuning way we recommend.

For ZC11 (1300cc) and ZC21 (1500cc) Swift users, please feel free to ask us for our recommend items.

The key point for Step 1 Light Tuning is a simple tuning you can do it easily not need to modify your engine.

E-230 RRP Sport Air Cleaner Type G
E-221 RRP High Performance Silence Center Pipe 50mm
Special Price of Step 1
Step 2 Medium Tuning is light-way engine tuning including ECU program with piggybag ECU.

E-214 RRP High Performance Catalytic Manifold
E-216 RRP Super Front Pipe Kit
E-402 RRP Super ROM ECU ver.2 for Swift Sport
Step 3 Advance Tuning is targeting more power and accelerator response of your car.

E-105 RRP High Performance Camshaft Set
E-207 RRP Big Throttle Kit for ZC31 (Brand New)
E-104 RRP Ultra Light Weight Pulley Kit
Step 4 Enthusiasm Tuning is to pull the potential power of Swift Sport with supercharger kit.

E-101 RRP Rotrex Supercharger kit with Rotrex type for ZC31
E-405 RRP Large Capacity Fuel Injector
D-114B RRP Light Weight Flywheel II PLUS Kit

[ Note ]
Above products are only a reference for ZC31 Swift Sport users we recommend. Of course, you can enjoy the tunings by your idea from the other prodcuts not listed above, and you can select RRP products from our website. For instance, in hot area you live, please select Sport Radiator and Oil Cooler kit etc.

For ZC11 (1300cc) and ZC21 (1500cc) Swift users, please feel free to ask us for our recommend items.


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