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RRP High Power Turbine Kit for Swift Sports ZC33S

Swift Sports users have been waiting for a high-powered turbine kit!

This is a turbine kit developed by Earl's, pursuing outstanding response and power through thorough research on the K14C engine, aiming for ease of handling on the street and moiwa power.
At REV Speed Super Battle 2018, we put all the know-how we tested at the Tsukuba Circuit!

Increase the intake housing's compressor housing to increase absolute airflow and power! The exhaust side also has a larger turbine wheel to reduce exhaust pressure and pursue good response!
The performance has been further improved by rewriting the dedicated design data to Super ROM ECU.
Since it is a genuine turbine replacement type turbine kit, installation is bolt-on! !
The turbine body is made of reliable MHI!

Turbine specifications

  • Made by reliable Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Intake side Super high flow type Normal ratio 20% UP
  • Exhaust side Super high flow type Normal ratio 15% UP
  • Bolt-on replacement design for safety and security
  • This is a turbine kit with a target of 200PS.
  • There is a discount price setting for users of Super ROM ECU.


  RRP Normal
Intake entrance 34.5mm 31mm
Intake wheel 44mm 40mm
Exhaust exit 34mm 29mm
Exhaust wheel 37mm  34mm

Manufacturer Mitsubishi Juko
Target horsepower 200PS
Applicable models SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT ZC33S MT or AT
ECU conforms to Super ROM ECU.
Speed limiter  280 kg
Rotation limiter  6800RPM

→ Details to RRP Super ROM ECU for ZC33S

RRP Turbine gasket kit(19PCS)

This is the minimum required gasket and bolt set.

Kit contents
1. Gasket, turbocharger 14181-86P00 1pic
2. Gasket, TC turbo outlet 14182-86P00 1pic
3. Gasket, intake air pipe 13955-75F50 2pic
4. Washer(10x15x1.5) 09161-10009 4pic
5. Gasket, oil drain 13945-86P00 1pic
6. Bolt, exhaust(M8x25) 14118-70G50 2pic
7. Nut, exhaust(M8) 09159-08130 2pic
8. Stud 09108-08297 2pic
9. gasket(12×17×1) 09168-12017 4pic

* Please prepare your own gaskets.
E33-100GK Turbine gasket kit can be purchased with confidence.

RRP High power turbine full kit
Kit contents
Turbine + Super ROM ECU

242,000 JPY

RRP High power turbine semi kit for Super ROM ECU users
Kit contents
Turbine + Super ROM ECU (Version UP)

205,700 JPY


*This is a turbine kit (including ECU version update data) for users who have newly purchased the RRP Super ROM ECU full spec.

*When making your request, we will check your ECU purchase history (place of purchase, date and time).

*The RRP Super ROM ECU that came with used and used cars is not eligible for the Super ROM ECU user price.

RRP High power turbine

205,700 JPY

 RRP Turbine gasket kit (19PCS)



It is a precaution to have you enjoy safely

* The following specifications are desirable for vehicles with high-power turbines.

* Power graph notation
R's is a power measuring machine from New Zealand made by Dyno Pack and shows power and torque.
It may be displayed smaller than a normal roller type measurement piece. I hope you can see the contrast between normal and after installation.
The standard is the conversion in the notation graph.

Normal 140PS → Dyno measurement is about 130PS → Manufacturer published value 140PS = 1.08 magnification
High power turbine replacement → Dyno measurement 175PS x 1.08 times = 189PS

Please consider the absolute value only as a reference.

* Special engine parts for competition. There is a possibility that the dealer will not be able to receive the warranty. Please note.

* To improve power, the durability of the engine and drive system may be affected. Please note.

* In order to improve power, more advanced maintenance than normal vehicles is required.
The frequency of water temperature and oil temperature management and oil change is high, so be sure to do it if necessary.

* Matching with engine parts made by other companies and intake / exhaust parts made by other companies has not been confirmed.

* External boost controller cannot be used.

* Regarding AT vehicles
The AT vehicle is designed to reduce power and torque by about 10% in consideration of the durability of the AT body.
Thank you for your understanding.

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