RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit

RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit

With changing 5th gear to RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit, the engine rev on like a cruising highway can be lowered with this kit. Most Swift Sport users thought that the stock 5th gear was too low and 3500rpm on 100Km/h was too high. RRP Reinforced 5th Gear Kit can be lower the noise of room and comfortable on highway cruising. Furthermore the gas consumption will be better with this kit.

We have designed and developed this kit for charged engine, NA tuned engine, drivers mostly drives on highway with adopting reinforced high 5th gear and also reinforced counter gear.

Swift Sport rev data
When 100Km/h Stock gear Gear RRP Reinforced 5th High
Type 1 transmission 3300rpm 2800rpm
Type 2 transmission 3500rpm 3000rpm

Final : 4.7

The rev on 100Km/h will be around 500rpm lower.

5th gear ratio

Original : 0.885
RRP High gear : 0.769


Detail of kit :
Reinforced 5th High Gear x 1
Reinforced counter gear x 1
C clip x 1
Rock nut x 1

D-113 : RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit

31,900 JPY End of Sale

Fit :

All year of Swift Sport (Manual transmission only)
This product does not correspond to ZC11 and ZC21 Swift.


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