RRP Racing Final Gear Kit

RRP Racing Final Gear Kit
  • Gear rate : 4.769
  • 2. Unification forged precise processing

This racing final gear kit is to pull more engine power to accelerate and produced for those who are seeking a solution for better results in short circuit and street ride. The ratio of the gear set is 4.7 (stock 4.3 of type 2 and 4.2 of type 1). When you tuned the engine highly, you can obtain the extra acceleration feeling and better response with keeping the power band of engine.

We carefully selected the quality of materials and every gear is forged process for extra strength and reliability. Also with all gear rate lower than the stock gear, you can enjoy the driving with the effect like close gear suiting for stock engine and modified engine both.


Kit details

ring gear x 1
counter gear x 1

The following table is the relation between rev and speed with stock gear and RRP Racing Final Gear Kit. Please refer it for your drive.

Please refer the relation Rev and Speed table

D-112A : RRP Racing Final Gear Kit for Type 2

85,800 JPY  purchase


Fit :

Swift Sport ZC31 type 2

D-112B : RRP Racing Final Gear Kit for Type 1


End of Sale
Fit :

Swift Sport ZC31 type 1

Above products does not correspond to ZC11 and ZC21 Swift.

Please refer the following chart for the difference of type 1 and type 2 Swift Sport.

Gear Ratio Standard gear ratio
May 2007-
1 3.545 3.25
2 1.904
3 1.407
4 1.064
5 0.885
R 3.25
Final 4.235 (72/17) 4.388 (79/18)

Above production year is based on Japanese model production date.
Overseas production year might be different from Japanese model.

Also the shaft diameter size is difference between type 1 and type 2.
Please check the diameter of shaft and let us know which type of your car.

Type1 : 37mm

RRP Racing Final Gear Kit [Type1 : 37mm]

Type 2 : 35 mm

RRP Racing Final Gear Kit [Type 2 : 35 mm]

If you can't find which your car type is, please count the teeth of first gear.
If 17 teeth, it is Type 1 and if 18 teeth, it is Type 2.


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