RRP Carbon Hybrid LSD

We could complete and developed Carbon Hybrid LSD from beginners to advanced Swift users.

RRP Carbon Hybrid LSD

The merits are as follows :

  • Not a single chattering noise and vibration which LSD usually has.
  • The steering wheel does not became heavy even LSD fitted.
  • The initial torque is 3Kg as low position but you can change the torque as you want with balanced setting of torque and cam angle.
  • The drive power convey firmly to road surface at cornering so you can feel the traction effect by this LSD.
  • Maintenance free and long life
  • The best performance on a racing circuit and easy control on street driving

RRP Carbon Hybrid LSD is maintenance free as same as Helical LSD and long life.

Also we had added the mild type LSD for hard driving users. If you prefer the driving in hard on circuit race course than street driving, we recommend RRP Mild Hybrid LSD type for you. This LSD is using the metal type but we could success to remove the chattering noise and best performance for race drive users with mild feeling but real LSD effectives.

D-108 : RRP Carbon Hybrid LSD for street users (ATS Made)

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D-109 : RRP Mild Hybrid LSD for circuit users (ATS Made)

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Fit : ZC31S for all type of year


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