RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Kit

RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Kit

This product is designed to strengthen the drive shaft for FF Sport car like Swift which has a weak point of powertrains. When your Swift car will be tuned like engine power up, fitting LSD and etc, and also driving at race circuit, the drive shaft will be loaded so much especially the ball joint part of outer shaft. In worst case, the ball joint will be broken and won?t be able to drive your car. Even without any breakage of ball joint, sometimes you can hear a strange noise from the ball joint part. RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Kit can be used for the maintenance part too.

125% UP of reinforcement drive-shaft than a stock drive-shaft !!

You can change RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Kit to your Swift Sport without any processing and will be good performance for your car.

RRP Reinforced Release Bearing Collar

RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Kit
  • If you need the perfect maintenance and reinforcement to drive-shaft, please choose the following kit.

  • If you prefer to save the cost, you can choose the reinforced drive-shaft joint for ball joint part. You need 2pcs for 1 car.


D-110 : RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Kit (2pcs set for 1 car)

End of Sale

D-110R : RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Assemble (right side)

End of Sale

D-110L : RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Assemble (left side)

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D-110J : RRP Reinforced Drive-Shaft Joint Set (1pc) required 2 sets for 1 car

19,800 JPY purchase

Fit : Swift Sport ZC31 manual transmission only


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