RRP 4 Pot Racing Caliper Kit

RRP 4 Pot Racing Caliper KitRRP 4 Pot Racing Caliper Kit RRP 4 Pot Racing Caliper Kit
RRP R's Racing Parts

This big caliper kit is developed for the optimized stopping and braking performance. In case of brake fade with luck of brake capacity when you drive in circuit or winding road, RRP 4 Pot Racing Caliper Kit will help you driving in safe. We adopt the caliper which is the famous brake manufacture WILWOOD 4 pod and realized the optimized braking performance with 295mm big rotor in low cost but trustable and nice looking both.

In option, we have caliper color, slit rotor and sport pad for you.

  • Set specification
  • WILWOOD 4 piston Aluminum caliper
  • 295mm Rotor for big caliper
  • Stainless Mesh Brake Hose
  • Sport Pad Street
  • Install Kit
RRP 4 Pot Racing Caliper Kit

Option item Slit Rotor


S-250 : RRP 4 Pod Racing Caliper Kit

End of Sale

Fit :


Option item


S-250-SR :

RRP Slit Rotor 295mm

40,700 JPY purchase

S-250-ST :

RRP Sport Pad for Street 

22,000 JPY purchase


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