RRP Reinforced Lower Arm

New swift Sport ZC32S parts released!!We have added the new parts for ZC32S Swift Sport.
RRP Reinforced Lower Arm for ZC32S
RRP Reinforced Lower Arm

S32-301 : RRP Reinforced Lower Arm for ZC32S

41,800 JPY purchase

Fit : ZC32S, ZC72S  

S32-301A RRP Reinforced Lower Arm + RRP Roll Center Adapter Set

70,400 JPY purchase

Fit :

ZC32S all year type

RRP Reinforced Lower Arm
RRP Reinforced Lower Arm

The normal arms are thin steel plates molded in one piece, so the intensity is insufficient for its effect of suspension. By changing our reinforced lower arms, the suspension will work normally just like you feel better degree of comfort when driving.

S-300 : RRP Reinforced Lower Arm Kit (Right & Left set) for ZC11,ZC21,ZC31 and ZC71S all year type

40,700 JPY purchase

(recommended item RCA and Bush II are not included)  

S-300F RRP Reinforced Lower Arm Full Set for ZC11,ZC21,ZC31, and ZC71S all year type  Roll Center Adapter II + Reinforced Bush II assembled

68,200 JPY purchase

By the cost down of normal front lower arm by Suzuki Motor Co, the arm is made with one piece mold steel plate and the intensity is insufficient so the suspension arm does not work a normal performance specially when you lower the height of car.
RRP Reinforced Lower Arm Kit pulls out the normal performance of suspension as it has and you can feel the real performance of ride height adjustment or of sport dumper kit if you installed them. With our reinforced lower Arms, you can enjoy the driving by ordinary performance of suspension at corner and better response of steeling. We strongly recommend this set for your car.

Reinforced Rubber Bush for Front Lower Arm
RRP Reinforced Bush II for Front Lower Arm
RRP Reinforced Bush II for Front Lower Arm

This item is renewal of reinforced bush for Swift Front Lower Arm. We have reviewed the material and hardness and also changed to an affordable price for a customer. Harder than the stock bush but little softer than current bush item. We recommend this bush refreshing the suspension by aging or for a user to time attaching the race.

  • Hardness :
    62 (stock front), 68 (stock rear)
    75 (RRP Reinforced Bush II front and rear)
  • Set is for 1 car (right side and left side 4pcs)

S-304RG RRP Reinforced Bush II for Front Lower Arm for ZC32S

11,000 JPY purchase

Fit :


S-304R RRP Reinforced Bush II for Front Lower Arm

11,000 JPY purchase

Fit :

ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S and ZC71S all year type

RRP Roll Center Adapter II
RRP Roll Center Adapter II
RRP Roll Center Adapter

This item is a renewal item with success in price down but the performance is as same as before. Also the shape of rubber boot was changed with improving the endurance. We hope every customer can use this item in affordable price.
When low down the height of Swift car, the position of front lower arm will be formed like bowing so we found there were many cases impaired the good original suspension design of Swift car.
To fit the roll center adapter to your car will improve the handling and feeling of tire contact to the road by the proper the lower arm position.
With using RRP Reinforced Lower Arm and RRP Reinforced Bush together, cornering speed, performance at corner and also control performance will be improved.

Theory of Roll Center

In normal condition :
The roll center is a center line when a car rolls and is upper part of body center line which is crossing an extension line of upper arm and bottom arm for suspension and center part of tire. Normally the roll center should be lower part of body gravity. The volume of basic roll will be decided by the length between its gravity and roll center.

When body height lower :
The gravity of body is also lower so the roll center is also lower than normal position. So when a body height is lower than normal height, the volume of rolls will be larger. The spring rate of suspension will be usually upper when body height will be lower, but this occurs the suspension performance lower.

Adjusting roll center :
To change the position of lower arm of suspension, the position of roll center will be higher and enable to be a best position of roll center. The performance of suspension will be showed as an essential performance.


S-305R RRP Roll Center Adapter II

26,400 JPY purchase

Fit :

ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S and ZC71S

S32-305 RRP Roll Center Adapter for ZC32S

28,600 JPY purchase

Fit :

ZC32S all year type


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