RRP Racing Pillow Upper 2

RRP Racing Pillow Upper  

A machined aluminum body and high-precision pillow balls are used to achieve a direct and sharp steering feel.
Eliminates the twist when cornering that occurs with the genuine rubber bush upper mount, and the direct movement to the suspension brings out the damper performance.

The camber adjustment function allows you to adjust the camber from 0 degrees to about -2 degrees, enabling fine alignment adjustment and setting according to the vehicle or circuit.

* About installation on other than RRP harmonic drive By installing Racing Pillow Upper II, the vehicle height will increase by about 20mm to 30mm. Be sure to check if it can be lowered by about 20 mm to 30 mm from the current vehicle height. A full length adjustable inverted type harmonic drive is recommended. The center pillow nut is M12-P1.25 specification.


Aluminum machined body
Black alumite processing
High-precision large pillow ball adopted
Camber angle adjustment 0 to -2 degrees
2 pieces for left and right 1 set


S-120:RRP Racing Pillow Upper II

36,300 JPY purchase

Fit : ZC31S、ZC21S、ZC11S and ZC71S


RRP Racing Pillow Upper (2pcs set)

RRP Racing Pillow Upper

Prevent from frayed NO-SAG upper rubber of Swift car and enable to adjust the front camber with a pillow direct feeling. Optimum alignment can be adjustable and you can obtain an easy feeling, response and cornering speed up. Not only RRP High Performance Kit II but also you can fit RRP Racing Pillow upper to other dumpers.

RRP R's Racing Parts
RRP Racing Pillow Upper

S-111:RRP Racing Pillow Upper (2pcs set)

End of sale

Fit : ZC11, ZC21, ZC31 and ZC71
・for only Full-length ride height adjustment feature dumper
・correspond to a dumper low down about 30mm with present height

S-111N : Pillow Nut (M14-P1.5 2pcs set)

End of sale

Fit : ZC31

(a stock racing pillow upper is M12-P1.25)


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