RRP Angle-Up Kit II

RRP Angle-UP Kit II
RRP New Angle-UP Kit IIRRP New Angle-UP Kit II
  • Minimum Radius :
  • Normal Swift : 5.3 m
  • With RRP New Angle-UP kit : 4.5 m

Swift is a compact car but have you ever felt if it can't be small sharp turn when driving ? We have solved this problem !! With RRP New Angle-Up Kit, the specification and performance is as same as old type but we added the function and accuracy of slack for steeling tie rod, and increased the safety in driving with all planed method. You can control your car with small sharp turn, and works for gymkhana, dirt-land etc on side turns. Also you feel comfort when you park the car.

RRP Angle-UP Kit II
  • Material : SPCC planed steel
  • Surface finish : ferrous ferric oxide film

Note for installation :

1. When installation of this product, please ask a professional garage with special tools and techniques to fit this product. The
adjustment of alignment and handle center position is required. And run your car.

2.If you changed the ride height or tyre size, please check the space of tyre and body first not to touch each other. If the stock
condition after installing our product, it won't touch each other but it depends on the ride height suspension and wheel size.

S-308 : RRP Angle-Up Kit II
Fit : ZC31S, ZC21S, ZC11X and ZC71S


S32-300 : RRP Angle-UP Kit II for ZC32S
Fit : ZC32S, ZC72S

12,100 JPY purchase


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