RRP CMS Camber Adjustable Bolt

New swift Sport ZC32S parts released!!We have added the new parts for ZC32S Swift Sport.
RRP CMS Camber Adjustable Bolt

Almost Twice stronger strength than normal bolt

RRP Chromium Molybdenum Steel camber adjustable bolt is designed for the front camber adjustment for Swift car with almost twice stronger strength than normal bolt. The adjustable width has 1 to 2 degrees so you can set your car to pull the best tire performance with this camber bolt in circuit race and mountain hill climbings.

  • Material : chromium molybdenum steel
  • Finish : plated

How to use :

  1. Change upper bolt at front knuckle with 2 screws
  2. Loosen the downer bolt a little bit and push it to negative side. Then tighten the upper bolt with specific torque and also tighten the downer bolt too.
  3. Fit the wheels to the body and measure the camber angles after the tires lands to the ground.
  4. Please adjust the camber angles until you wish in many times. After adjusting the camber angle, toe and handle center will be changed. So please adjust those toe and handle center position too later.

S-303G RRP CMS Camber Adjustable Bolt for ZC32S (2pcs in 1 set)

Fit : ZC32S Swift Sports

4,400 JPY purchase

S-303 RRP CMS Camber Adjustable Bolt (2pcs in 1 set)

Fit : ZC11, ZC21, ZC31(Swift Sports), ZC71 and SX4

4,400 JPY purchase


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