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RRP High Performance Camshaft Set (IN and EX set)

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RRP High Performance Camshaft Set (IN and EX set) RRP High Performance Camshaft Set (IN and EX set)
RRP R's Racing Parts
RRP High Performance Camshaft Set (IN and EX set)

Intake camshaft and exhaust camshaft are crafted to exacting standards established through rigorous and high performance testing for Swift Sport (M16) engine to obtain more power and best performance.


The best response and power can be obtained by RRP High Performance Camshaft with the torque from low rev as well as standard to mid ? high rev using cutting edge technology.


The key point of tuning NA engine is the performance of camshaft with the finest engineering and processing. so you can realize the special feeling of ride with specially designed cams.


The exhaust camshaft has an adjustable cam pulley.


Please make sure to change the valve spring from the stock spring to RRP Reinforced Valve Spring or stock spring of after type 2 ZC31S.

[ Camshaft Spec ]
Intake : operation angle 256 degreelift : 9.7mm
Exhaust : operation angle 248 degreelift : 9.3mm

Valve Clearance
When cold situationIn 0.2mm+- 0.02mm
Ex 0.3mm+- 0.02mm

1. Machining from raw cam material
2. Phosphate coating manganese base to prevent from scuffing
3. Adjustable sprocket for exhaust cam
4. Special designed and developed for M type engine which RRP has been testing for more than 2 years.

Both Intake and exhaust camshafts are ultimate high lift design to improve the maximum torque for Swift car.

[ Note ]
1. About installation
When install the camshafts to your engine, sometimes a small processing of a part of header will be required to obtain the best performance with intake and exhaust camshaft, but you don?t need any special tools for it.

2. About recommend parts
1) Please change the valve spring when you install RRP High Performance Camshaft Set.
  The recommend valve spring is our E-106 RRP Reinforced Valve Spring set (16pcs) or valve spring of
  ZC31S type II.
2) Please change the valve spring when you install RRP High Performance Camshaft Set.
  To pull the best performance of camshaft, we recommend to change a metal gasket to RRP Super Metal
  Gasket for cylinder head. The pressure ratio will go up and enable to obtain more power.
3) To change a light weight valve lifter and inner shim, reducing a load for valve spring will make a better
  engine response too.
4) RRP Adjust Cam Sprocket can pull the best performance of cam.

3. About ECU
  Re-writing ECU program will be required when changing camshaft. The character of power and torque will change drastically so we recommend adjusting the program of ECU. R?s Inc also can re-write the program data based on changing camshaft with your environment. Please feel free to ask us about Reflash ECU data.

For ZC11 and ZC21 users, a piggyback ECU (E-manage Ultimate) is required to control A/F rate.
Our product is RRP Super ECU (

4. About idling of engine
 Sometimes unstable idling of engine can be found after installing high camshaft comparing the normal engine idling. If you find a sort of condition, please adjust the valve timing and ECU program so that it will be stable.

E-105 RRP High Performance Camshaft Set (IN and EX set)

Emd of Sale

Fit : ZC31 all type of year
   ZC11 and ZC21 engine is required to processing

With a temporary cam fitting to the head of ZC11 and ZC21 engine, the a part of cam will touch to head which is larger than ZC31 engine so that you will be required to shave the part touching the head accordingly.

Some head will not be required to process this depending on each head character.

RRP Light Weight Valve Lifter & RRP Valve Inner shims set
RRP Reinforced Valve Spring (16pcs set)

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