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RRP Super Racing Forged Piston Kit

RRP Super Racing Forged Piston Kit is targeting hyper & high response for M16 engine specialized in racing use. This racing piston is designed with the refined shape, strengthened material and maximized light weight to correspond in high rpm.

RRP Super Racing Forged Piston Kit RRP Super Racing Forged Piston Kit

Specification of piston

Forged Racing Piston
Bore 81mm with stroke up
When installed : 81 x 83 1,710cc
Compression ratio : from 11.8 to 12.0
Weight : 244g

  1. This product is required to process the cylinder diameter from 78mm to 81mm.
  2. Also this product is required for 1 month to process and finish.
RRP R's Racing Parts
  • The design is adopted for racing engine like GT
  • The material is selected carefully from a forged aluminum and strengthened.
  • Also an unnecessary flab of part was shaved and lightened
  • The bore diameter is 81mm for displacement volume up
RRP Super Racing Forged Piston Kit  

Set details

  1. racing piston x 4 pcs
  2. piston ring x 4 sets
  3. piston pin x 4 pcs
  4. piston C ring x 8 pcs

E-116 : RRP Super Racing Forged Piston Kit (4pcs)

140,800 JPY purchase

Fit : ZC31S for racing use only


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