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RRP Sports Radiator

New swift Sport ZC32S parts released!!We have added the new parts for ZC32S Swift Sport.

Managing the water temperature of engine can sufficiently pull the engine performance !!

RRP Sport Radiator can control the water temperature and prevent from the power down of engine in high rev.

When you drive your car in circuit or winding road, we believe the engine turn in high rev especially in summer, the water temperature rises and you need the large capacity radiator to control the water temperature of your car.

RRP Sport Radiator is designed and developed to be able to sufficiently educe engine performance under various conditions.

RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S

RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S

RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S

RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S


RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S

RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S

  • Adopted 2 layer big core made of brass
  • Stock core thickness : 17mm
    RRP Sport Radiator : 27mm
  • No need to process using the stock parts
  • Correspondence of usage from street users to circuit users
  • Blue color in tank part creates like GT car
  • Adopted resin tank for light weight and endurance both

for ZC32S

RRP Sport Radiator

RRP Sport Radiator

Size : W 580mm x D 150mm x H 500mm

  • Adopted 2 layer all brass big core
  • Substitute to original factory radiator to exchange easily
  • Almost Twice bigger than normal factory radiator and improves cooling efficiency remarkable.
  • Designed fin pitch given wonderful cooling performance
  • Corresponds to circuit drive and hard tuning equipped.

for ZC31S

Did you know about a secret of water temperature for Swift car
The one of character of Swift is a power down of engine when a water temperature goes less than 65 to 75 degrees by using low temperature thermostat with a variable valve timing does not perform in normally above 4,500rpm range. To prevent this character, a thermostat should be used a normal one and radiator should be used sports radiator as we recommend the best match for Swift. The water temperature will be controlled around 81 to 95 degrees. Too low and too high causes low performance !!

E32-303 : RRP Sport Radiator for ZC32S
Fit : ZC32S for 6 manual transmission

66,000 JPY purchase

E-301 : RRP Sports Radiator for ZC11,ZC21 and ZC31
For manual transmission

48,400 JPY purchase

E-302 : RRP Sports Radiator for ZC11,ZC21,ZC31 and ZC71
For automatic transmission

55,000 JPY purchase


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