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RRP Paint Cam Cover

We have designed the cam cover with beautiful color to show in your engine bay.
We have adopted the gorgeous racing blue color for your cam cover hung over the engine bay like a tuned racing engine.

RRP Paint Cam Cover

Regarding to paint for cam cover

The paint for cam cover is required the special high technique not like bonnet or fender.
Before finishing paint, a several undercoat was done for finishing the clear surface which is usually uneven surface.

RRP R's Racing Parts

Painting process

  1. Remove dirt and oil from the surface perfectly.
  2. And remove again the high density dirt by sand blast treatment.
  3. Once again, remove dirt and oil from cam cover.
  4. Undercoat paint
  5. Primary paint
  6. Secondary paint
  7. Clear paint
  8. Drying paint by heat
  9. Polish the surface and shine.
* With adopting the heat resistant paint, the paint will not peel off but please understand the paint sometimes peel off by aged deterioration.
*  Please do NOT wipe the surface by paint thinner. The surface color may change.
* Hitting the paint surface by tools and metal products may occur the peel of paint surface. Please pay attention not to hit the surface.
* Depending on the difference of view by your computer monitor, the color may look different of the product and color viewing monitor.

E-506N : RRP Paint Cam Cover (Racing Blue)

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