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RRP Oil Pan Guard

RRP Oil Pan Guard

When Swift Sport low down with your car body lowed, you might worry about the clearance between the oil pan and the ground like wheel track, manhole, road construction and etc.

We aware the low down Swift Sport has this problem of the clearance between the oil pan and the ground. Also if you drive on a circuit race course, you might feel nervous if the oil pan was broken when stride over a curb or when run off the course out.

RRP Oil Pan GuardRRP Oil Pan Guard

The stock oil pan of Swift Sport is made by aluminum so it will be easy to break when hitting by the strong shock. Once the oil pan broke, the oil strainer won’t inhale the oil and will be possibility of the engine blow in the worst case.

RRP Oil Pan Guard will protect the oil pan from many danger cases and the essential item for Suzuki Swift Sport.
Prevention is better than cure !!

[ Note ]
We won?t guarantee RRP Oil Pan Guard can protect the oil pan in all case. Please understand this product can guard the oil pan to be assisted.

E-508 : RRP Oil Pan Guard


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Fit : Swift Sport ZC31S in all year type


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