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RRP Super ROM ECU ver.2

RRP Super ROM ECU ver.2  

We have upgraded ROM data for Swift Sport with a long data programming and developing which already reputed in Japanese market.
There are many changes for this time’s upgrades and the followings are main changes you would like to know about RRP Super ROM ECU. We aimed the engine blow in high rev but also with much torque in city ride. We utilized the accumulated experiences and running data for few years.

RRP Super ROM ECU Ver.2 Alterations :

1. Mapping data changes for fuel map and fuel acceleration map

Our mapping data of Air-Fuel ratio used to be very weak (thin) to obtain the power before, but we felt that the total torque from low rev to high rev was little less power due to A/F ratio.
This time, we have changed the mapping data especially for pulling the torque using fuel acceleration map well with lower the A/F ratio in fixed driving speed but increasing the fuel when speed up.
This mapping data was modulated for fixed speed driving and also acceleration driving both.

2. Mapping data changes for Ignition map and ignition intake temperature
  adjust map

The ignition map of Swift is very multilateral and editing the balance of mapping is very important. There are 11 faces mapping data for ignition control.

Basic ignition timing maps are 4 faces and the other VVT-I mapping depends on different angle is 7 faces. VVT-I will read the mapping data depending on the changes from 0 degree to 60 degree. We have changed the mapping each data face very carefully. They say that a car runs fast if the ignition timing is faster but we had confirmed the data by Dynopack machine and found that the delicate map setting is required to avoid the torque down.

RRP Super ROM ECU Version 2 map setting pursuits the easy control your car with smooth torque curve and balanced setting like high power in high rev with advanced angle.

The ignition intake temperature adjusting is to retard the ignition timing extremely when the temperature goes up and also to control the retarding the ignition timing with minus 5 degree in the different condition preventing to less torque when full opening throttle driving.

3. Mapping data changes for throttle open angle adjust map

The former version ROM setting used to be to aim the best response of acceleration but version 2 is for targeting the linear feeling and easy control smooth feeling as same as a wire throttle.
We know type 1 Swift and type 2 Swift has a different character in throttle mapping so we had made the different throttle mapping data for type 1 Swift and type 2 Swift with delicate adjusting.

In the stock setting of Swift Sport, the acceleration response setting is different setting in high rev and low rev.  The same step volume of axel but different rev makes the change of throttle open angle and we believe you might feel something strange when driving, so version 2 has modified this point.


Volume of step axel 10% 30% 50% 80% 100%
2000rpm 5% 20% 45% 80% 100%
5000rpm 15% 40% 60% 80% 100%

【RRP Super ROM ECU ver.2】

Volume of step axel 10% 30% 50% 80% 100%
2000rpm 10% 30% 50% 80% 100%
5000rpm 10% 30% 50% 80% 100%

Version 2 targets the linear feeling and easy control smooth feeling as same as a wire throttle.

4. Mapping data changes Valuable Valve Timing map

This is not popular among Swift users but there are 3 types of VVT-I mapping data.

1) Half throttle                    (opening angle 6% to 80% )         VVT-I map
2) Full throttle                    (more than 80%)                              VVT-I map
3) idling                               (less than 5%)                                  VVI-I map

The basic mapping data is (1) half throttle VVT-I map and (2) full throttle VVT-I mapping required to adjust the setting to perform better. Regarding to ver.2 mapping upgrade, we had tested our demo Swift Sport for not only full throttle but also fixed speed and full throttle from 5th gear 1,500rpm.
VVT-I map is the only mapping data to pulls the engine torque changes and required the sensitive setting for map. We have aimed the power and flat torque when full axel mapping. Half throttle is the most important mapping data which we had tested Swift Sport in many different situation like step axel slowly or step suddenly to the floor and could set the mapping data with good feeling of torque even in extreme load conditions.

5. REV limiter

For type 1 Swift Sport : fuel cut limiter 7,600rpm to 8,000rpm
You can choose any limiter rpm.

For type 2 Swift Sport : fuel cut limiter is set in 8,000rpm and also we had set the throttle limiter with 7,800rpm.
To reduce the engine load, basically we had set the throttle limiter in 7,800rpm and also the fuel cut limiter is used for fuel safe purpose.

6. VVT-I work temperature

We have changed the mapping data of temperature setting to correspond for low temperature thermostat.

7. Electric Fan relay temperature

You don’t need to add the parts later. RRP Super ROM ECU can map the fan control too.

  OE stock condition
(AC off condition)
After re-map the data
Without driving force lower than 97 degree  
Low driving force ON at 97.5 degree and at 95
degree stop
On at 92 degree and at 88
degree stop
Low to High driving force ON at 102.5 degree ON at 98 degree
High to Low driving force Changes at 100 degree Changes at 95 degree

8. Idling change with option

In option, you can change the idling rpm for high camshaft tuned car to stable the idling.
The following is an example of idle setting. We can change it as your request.

[stock idling]
Air condition OFF             : 700rpm
Air condition ON               : 800rpm

[after re-map the data]
Air condition OFF             : 850rpm
Air condition ON               : 950rpm

9. Control the data on descend rpm

During the axel off, we program the data not to descend the rpm in sudden so that you can get the feeling as same as wire type of axel.

■Corresponding ECU numbers for Swift ZC31

Engine type MT or AT ECU main # ECU sub # Data number Swift type
ZC31S MT 33920-57K0 0 112300-3061 HU-57K00.MM Type I
33920-57K0 1 112300-3062 HU-57K01.MM
33920-57K0 2 112300-3063 HU-57K02.MM
33920-57K0 3 112300-3064 HU-57K03.MM
33920-57K0 4 112300-3065 HU-57K04.MM
AT 33920-57K1 0 112300-3071 HV-57K10.MM
33920-57K1 2 112300-3073 HV-57K12.MM
33920-57K1 4 112300-3075 HV-57K14.MM

Engine type MT or AT ECU main # ECU sub # Data number Swift type
ZC31S MT 33920-57K4 0 112300-8231 LX-57K40.MM Type II
33920-57K4 1 112300-8232 LX-57K41.MM
33920-57K4 2 112300-8233
33920-57K4 3 112300-8234 LX-57K43.MM
AT 33920-57K5 0 112300-8241 LX-57K50.MM
33920-57K5 1 112300-8242 LX-57K51.MM
33920-57K5 2 12300-8243
33920-57K5 3 112300-8244 LX-57K53.MM

Engine type MT or AT ECU main # ECU sub # Data number Swift type
ZC31S MT 33920-57K4 4 112300-8235 LX-57K44.MM Type III
AT 33920-57K5 4 112300-8245 LX-57K54.MM

Engine type MT or AT ECU main # ECU sub # Data number Swift type
ZC31S un-known 33920-57K2 0     Type I or
Type II
un-known 33920-57K2 1    
un-known 33920-57K3 0    
un-known 33920-57K3 1    
un-known 33920-57K8 2    
un-known 33920-57K9 3    

Please check your ECU number reference with the picture

If you can’t find the ECU number in above list, we will be able to develop the program with the following procedures.

 1. Please send ECU body to R’s Inc
 2. R’s Inc will analyze the ECU data and make the normal basic data. ( 30,000 JPY )

Q&A for RRP Super ROM ECU
  • After re-programmed ECU data, can I take a diagnostic check at dealer or workshop and repair ?
  • No problem ! All data in ECU is working on normally so you can check or repair your car as usual.
  • After re-programmed ECU data, are there any an extraordinary problem like an engine warning light on ?
  • No problem ! We don't change any original data of ECU the problems occurs like an engine warning light will turn on.
  • Is it possible to use together with a piggyback computer ?
  • Basically we don't recommend you to use a piggyback computer together with RRP Super ROM ECU. But after fitting our RRP Super ROM ECU with re-program ECU data, you can install a piggyback computer later. In this case, there will be a possibility to break your engine so please ask your trustable workshop when you install a piggyback computer.
  • Rev limiter can be changed from 7,600rpm ?
  • We can change the program data as you want for rev limiter with an additional fee.
  • The immobilizer can work normally after RRP Super ROM ECU fitted ?
  • You don't need to worry about this matter in case of sending YOUR stock ECU to us.
    If you want to buy a NEW ECU with RRP Super ROM ECU from us, basically the immobilizer will NOT work. When you need the immobilizer system to your car to prevent from security reason , we can set the immobilizer system to ECU program but you need to go to a Suzuki dealer to match the key and immobilizer system after receiving RRP Super ROM ECU.
    Please contact us in detail.
  • When I change ECU in Suzuki manufacture warranty, can I be supported like re-writing the program for a new ECU in free of charge ?
  • We are sorry that we can't do it in free of charge again.

E-402 :RRP Super ROM ECU Ver.2 (full spec version)

81,400 JPY purchase

E-403 : RRP Super ROM ECU Ver.2 (Rev limiter cut version)

22,000 JPY purchase

E-404 : RRP Super ROM ECU Ver.2 (with Brand New ECU)

173,800 JPY  END of SALE

We prepare 2 types of setting which are for street drive and for circuit drive. Please notify us when you place an order which you like.
The difference between for street drive and for circuit drive is the throttle map data. For street drive setting, we regarded the easy control and drive and for circuit drive setting, we regarded the response of engine setting. If there’s any appoint for setting, we recommend the street drive setting.


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