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RRP Supercharger kit

Supercharger kit Rotrex type

The value of power with Dyno Pack is 154.7ps at 5,900rpm and torque was 19.8 at 4,500rpm.
Converting its rate of normal Swift as 125ps, the value of power will be 190ps. This means that normal Swift has 97ps when measuring its power with Dyno Pack.

  • Temperature : 20 Degree
  • Boost rate : 0.55 to 0.6

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RRP Supercharger kit Rotrex type for Swift

This supercharger kit is quite different charger system, and can provide better durability than turbochargers, but when designing a system with good boost at low engine speeds it usually becomes inefficient at high engine speeds.

After examination and test riding in many angles, R's Inc has adopted Rotrex charger kit for Swift car. The shape of Rotrex supercharger looks like "Turbo charger kit" but a modules clipped together act as a single unit and has unique compactness, efficiency, low noise and reliability with conventional supercharger using centrifugal system with belt drive. The Max rev will be 15,000 and boost to compressor.
The one of character of Rotrex type is that there's no power down in each different rev like turbo and Greddy type. You can enjoy driving with high torque and power from low to high rev.

RRP Swift Sport with light body weight brings you the different world with splendid acceleration installing Rotrex supercharger kit.

test result of ZC31

test result of ZC11

The merits of Rotrex type comparing other boost chargers are :

  1. The power loss of belt drive is less than current supercharger kit even high rev.
  2. There's no effect from the heat of exhaust so the intake temperature will be lower than current type. This causes avoiding power down of your engine even summer time.
  3. One of our policies to develop the parts for Suzuki Swift is using original exhaust unit efficiently like using catalyst system to save the earth of environment. RRP Supercharger kit Rotrex type is not using exhaust gas like turbo charger kit so it does not effect to any original catalyst system and easy and saving environment.
  4. Compact design and very light weight. After installing the kit to Swift car, the front weight does not increase so much means any worse effects of handle drivability.

Everybody believes that the main purpose to install Charger Kit for Swift is for more power than torque, but R's Inc thinks for more torque than power. During city ride, most comfortable drivability of Swift is required its torque from low rev to high rev. We had examined Turbo charger kit for Swift Sport but its character would be effective only in high rev. This does not come to our target drivability of Swift Sports drives in town. R's Inc has adopted Supercharger kit with Greddy type to drive smoothly but powerfully to enjoy your driving in any occasion.

After installing the supercharger kit to my own Swift Sports, the mileage was better than original Swift car.

RRP Supercharger kit for ZC11

With dissolving under-power & torque which are week point of Swift ZC11, your Swift will be different Super Swift after installed. You can beat Swift Sports normal spec and enjoy a cruise with it.

  • Red dot line indicates normal spec
    78ps 6,000rpm
    Torque 10k/m 4,500rpm
  • Red line indicates installed Supercharger kit
    124ps 6,600rpm
    Torque 15k/m 4,300rpm
  • With roller chassis dyno conversion :
    149ps 18k/m (Just reference)
RRP High Performance Muffler

RRP Supercharger kit for ZC31

The above result was measured includes RRP Supercharger body (boost 0.5k), RRP Air Cleaner, Muffler, RRP Super ECU for supercharger (gasoline high octane use) and Racing plug. The data of super ECU can be used for regular unleaded gasoline use but the power/torque will be loose.

  • 45% power up comparing original Swift ZC31 !!
  • Original Swift Sport
    98ps 6500rpm 12.2kg/m 5200rpm
  • After installed
    146ps 6850rpm 18kg/m 4600rpm
  • With roller chassis dyno conversion :
    175ps 21kg/m (Just reference)
RRP High Performance Muffler

The above result was measured includes RRP Supercharger GReddy type (boost 0.55k), RRP Air Cleaner, RRP Super ECU for supercharger (gasoline high octane use) and Racing plug. You can feel the difference of powerful acceleration like NA car without any stress. The data of super ECU can be used for regular leaded gasoline use but changing mapping data may be required depends on the condition you use for.

[ Note ]
For Swift ZC11, a drive belt has a different width depends on type of year, so we designed the supercharger kit with 5PK drive belt (width is 17mm). If your car is using drive belt 4PK (14.5mm), you need to change 3 pulleys and Bracket under alternator. Those parts costs 20,000 JPY additional.

E-103 : Rotrex Supercharger kit for ZC11
(Supercharger body, Install Kit, Sub-computer)

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E-102 : Rotrex Supercharger kit for ZC21
(Supercharger body, Install Kit, Sub-computer)

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E-101 : Rotrex Supercharger kit for ZC31
(Supercharger body, Install Kit, Sub-computer)

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ECU re-setting fee

30,000 JPY above

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